Interview with Mr Arakcheev director of the museum of the history of Saint-Petersburg

-Mr Arakcheev what do you feel about the coming burial of the Emperor Nicholas and what is your opinion on the way the burial is being covered by Mass Media?
-First of all, I am surprised that Mass Media has been making too much of the event lately . Earlier, while the commission was working and the discussion was under way the subject used to be treated rather discreetly. Today a longwished decision has been made at last and quite a sensible one. The government took responsibility to provide necessary conditions for the work of the commission. Figuratively speaking, the line was drawn somewhere. Now we can say that historical justice was restored and the truth was revealed. To my mind, the Press should emphasize the solemnity of the event and put it more carefully so that people understand that the ceremony is not a farce or show but an event which will be always remembered as an important moment in the development of the democratic society. Foreign Press that used to pay much more attention to this matter is not only more cautious sticking only to facts and being interested in various obstacles faced by the organizers of the burial (though the problems seem to have been solved), but is also very accurate about all the details of the event.
-Don't you think that after the burial St. Peter and Paul Fortress will turn into a meeting place for numerous political organizations?


-Both foreign and local public organizations do come here if necessary hold various religious services as well as rallies related to the events concerning the members of the Romanov family so there are no obstacles. The only natural requirement for such activities is not to be aggressive and certainly any violence should be avoided. I think this practice will not come to an end after the burial of the imperial family. At the same time the descendants of the Romanov family will have an opportunity to be reconciled and reunited within the walls of St. Peter and Paul Fortress which is a sacred place where many of the Romanovs were buried.
-Mr Arakcheev, could you tell us how the burial place was chosen?
-The matter is that we chose the place after thorough deliberations. The more important thing for us was to preserve historical traditions of our ancestors and it has determined our choice. According to Russian traditions only the Emperor and the members of his family can be buried in Tsar`s burial vault. But at the same time there is an opinion that the Emperor and the members of his family and their servants who was murdered that tragic night should be buried in the same place to make a memorial grave.

Catherine`s side chapel turned out to be the very place which meets all the requirements so that we can follow our historical traditions and open a memorial place.The nearer is the day of the burial the more often the question arises: why should be servants and the emperor be buried together in one grave. We don`t think that we disrespect some certain conventional ethical points. On the contrary, all this emphasizes the importance of the event and its significance for history. The situation in Russia is rather peculiar: we are going to bury the last Emperor of Russia though the monarchy was gone eighty years ago.
- Do you find it to be sensible that the burial will take place in St.Petersburg ?
-Yes, of course, I think that it is sensible. Not that St. Petersburg has won the contest but sensible sentiment has prevailed.
Reported by Dmitry Ivanov

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