Interview with Artsishevsky I.S., the head of the burial ceremony of the remains of Nicholas II, the members of his family and servants

- Ivan Sergeyevich, what do you think of the widely spread rumours about the burial of the tsar`s family? Are those people who state that the representatives of the Romanov dynasty are not going to take part in the ceremony certain to be right?
- Now I`m more concerned about the rumours whether the burial takes place or not, whether the Romanovs are going to participate and how it is to be carried out? We all know perfectly that the burial is sure to be and the Romanovs are coming. What negative forces towards our Fatherland and its history make such talks appear? We formulated our approach to the burial rather as a tribute to history than to the Romanov dynasty or to its certain representative. We are not judges, and in conformity with it we can`t judge the Emperor Nicholas II. Everything is being done with the deepest respect to history. This is a moderate ceremony full of appreciation of Russian history. The commission works without any haste, there are some general problems, as well as financial which is the usual case. All decisions and plans of our Government concerning this ceremony are bound to be carried out starting from July 16. As to the Romanovs, a number of unscrupulous journalists tried to abuse the distorted information. Michael Feodorovich has already confirmed that he is going to take part in the ceremony. The rest of the Romanovs were surprised to learn from the press publications information about their absence at the ceremony and refuted this statement without any hesitations. Many descendants such as Michael Andreyevich from Australia, Michael Feodorovich - the grandson of Ksenia Alexandrovna, Iljinski-Romanovi, one of them is a mayor of Palm Beach city in Florida, and, naturally, Nicholai Romanovich are coming. Today the list of the representatives of the Romanov dynasty who are planning to be present at the ceremony, accounts for 47 persons with the exception of wives and children. I should mention they are coming to Russia with some bitterness for the reason that the ceremony is rather mournful, of course, but there is a great deal of excitation because many of them have never been to Russia. For example, Nikita Nikitievich who lives in Florida has not seen his cousin, Michael Andreyevich for 25 years so they are bound to meet there though the occasion is rather sad. In fact, they are coming not only to meet each other, that is without challenge, but in order to honour the memory of their ancestor.
- What do you think of the sensational issues in the press concerning this event?
- Now I`m calling everybody for a quite well-considered attitude to different kinds of publications, especially sensational ones. There aren`t any sensations - it is a solemn ceremony. It is devoted to the closing of the Romanov`s epoch in Russian history. Everything is going smoothly, the working party is organizing this ceremony without any fuss or crack-up. People all over the world are greatly interested in this event. Especially I should emphasize the journalists` concern about this occasion. And it is very easy to explain as the public opinion comes from the statement that it`s very difficult to draw an analogy with this very event, and I know lots of people believe this burial is the end of the 20th century. We lost our Emperor long ago and only now are going to bury him; thus we can, indeed, draw to a close this very horrifying page of Russian history which is impossible to ignore. Naturally, we may have different attitudes to Nicholas II as personality for a great deal of people of the third generation have been brought up with the strong belief that tsars, as a rule, were bad. We are not judges, so nobody of us is going to oppose any historical facts and I think history itself will dot its 'i's' and cross its 't's'. I`m absolutely positive, not a single fact is to be out of our country`s history. History always remains with us and there is no future for Russia without it.
- Do you personally have any doubts about the authenticity of the found
remains which were identified by the analysis of DNA?
- The authenticity of the remains does not seem to be dubious as from the Romanovs` viewpoint as from that of other intelligent people for the reason that such figure like 99,99% can`t raise any doubts, mainly because the commission`s judgement was founded on the identification of DNA. This very figure "99" is an error of measurement which was honestly announced by scientists. There is a possibility of errors in the measurement of any kind of objects because there are no perfect devices. There are absolutely no doubts that the remains belong to the tzar`s family. In some sense "Zapisky" by Jurovsky has some reasons for historians to search out but the biological identification of DNA is trustworthy to be relied on. In any case we`ll bury the remains and honour the memory of the last Russian Emperor while the historical mysteries and details that have not been verified are the task for searchers. For example: somebody made a secret of some facts or just these facts did not reach us or someone falsified them - it`s likely to be interesting, historical searchers attract people`s attention but this is not the matter of the State commission because this mystery is to be digged up to the very end by the historians. It goes with no comments. Science enjoys the Romanovs` confidence comparing with some sceptics. I think, it`s quite reasonable.