Statement by Nicholai Romanov, Russian Prince

Statement by Nicholai Romanov, Russian Prince

Being the head of the Romanov dynasty, I am going to participate in the burial ceremony together with many princes and princesses of our family. The day of the burial of the martyred Emperor Nicholas II and his family`s remains is coming up and it will be of great historical importance. This event is to bring the terrible page of our history to a close and since this moment it will be left only for historians and next generations. This very event will be the beginning of the history of new Russia reconciled with its past.

We, Russian emigres` descendants, and our Russian brothers who have never left our Motherland are unanimous in our belief that the time of repentance and forgiveness will come the moment a chime starts on a bell tower of St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg commemorating the last Russian Emperor, his family and four faithful servants murdered 80 years ago.

For the first time since 1918 more than 40 Romanovs will gather in Russia, in the glorious city which was founded by their common ancestor Peter the Great and due to its heroic soldiers and citizens has never been conquered.

As far as I know, the following princes and princesses have confirmed their participation:

Rostislav Riostislavovich with his children Alexandra Rostislavna, Rostislav Rostislavovich junior and Nikita Rostislavovich as well as Olga Andreevna from England; Michael Andreevich from Australia; Michael Feodorovich and Ksenia Andreevna from France; Dmitri Romanovich from Denmark, my daughter Natalia Nikolaevna from Italy and me from Switzerland.

Most of the Romanovs are coming from the USA: Pavel Dmitrievich with his son Michael Pavlovich and daughter Ekaterina Pavlovna as well as princess Ekaterina Dmitrievna from Palm Beach;

Andrei Andreevich with his sons Alexei Andreevich, Peter Andreevich and Andrei Andreevich junior from California: Nikita Nikitich with his son Feodor Nikitich from New York.

Most of the above-mentioned princes come together with their wives and some of the princesses bring their children.

We will all pray for Russia standing by the grave of the martyrs from Yekaterinburg. We hope God will hear us.

Nikolai Romanov, Russian Prince


July 4, 1998

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