Boris Yeltsin will probably pay the last honours

Representatives of some Moscow mass media attacked the news agency .Petropress. asking to confirm a rumour of sensational character which is constantly repeated in Moscow editorial offices. There`s an opinion that President Yeltsin will attend the burial ceremony of the imperial family privately but not as President. There`s no official information on this subjest but there are some sensational details concerning the proposed visit by Boris Yeltsin to Saint-Petersburg.

It is quite possible that Yeltsin after giving Luzhkov, Moscow god, his due and blessing by his being present the Opening of Junior Games which are not quite appropriate on the eve and, more over, during the State funeral. Yeltsin will take a holiday and go to Valdai as it had been last year in order to be near Saint-Petersburg. On July 17 a helicopter will take off the resort`s territory. It will take Boris Nicolaevich to S.-Petersburg to attend the ceremony privately. Such was the request of the academician Likhachev.

Besides, the request of the academician whom Yeltsin respects personally, the first Russian President has other good reasons to pay the last honours to the last Russian monarch. So the above mentioned version of the current events has not been confirmed yet, but it seems to be fairly logical.

Press Agency "Petropressa" especialy for SPBNEWS.RU project