Press Release N5

The Burial Ceremony of the remains of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, his family and servants will be held on July 17.
Nicholas II (May 6 (May 18 by old calendar), 1868 - July 16/17, 1918), the last Russian Emperor, ruled the country between 1894 and 1917. During the revolution of February, 1917, Nicholas abdicated the throne. During the months to follow, the ex-Emperor, his wife Alexandra Fyodorovna, their children Olga, Tatyana, Maria, Anastasia, Alexis, and a few servants stayed in Tsarskoye Selo. Later they were transferred to Tobolsk and, in April, 1918, to Yekaterinburg. On the night of July 16 to 17, they were executed in the basement of a house that had belonged to a mining engineer named Ipatyev. Their bodies were burned and hidden outside the city.
On July 16, 1998, at 2:00 P.M., the coffins containing the remains of the Emperor Nicholas II, his family and closest servants will arrive at Pulkovo Airport.
The honorary guard detachment will be positioned to the right of the gangway, in the middle of the runner. Officials and the press will be positioned to the left. A brass band will be positioned 50 meters away from the aircraft.
The undertakers will first bring the coffin with the remains of the servant Truppe out of the aircraft and hand it over to army officers, who will carry it to the hearse (a Gazelle truck). As the first coffin emerges on the aircraft gangway, the honorary guards will be ordered to present arms. They will remain with arms presented until the last coffin is loaded onto the hearse. In accordance with the service regulations of 1908, as the first coffin is brought out, the drummers and flutists in the band will start playing the Funeral March and will continue without interruption until the hearse bearing the coffin of Princess Olga pulls out, and the coffin with the remains of the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna appears on the gangway.
When the coffin containing the remains of the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna appears on the gangway, the entire band will start playing "Glory..." and continue until the hearse carrying the remains of Nicholas II leaves.

The motorcade will proceed along the following route: Pulkovo Airport, Pulkovo Highway, Victory Square, Moskovsky Prospect, Fontanka Embankment, Voznesensky Prospect, Isaac Square, Dekabristov Square, Admiralty Embankment, Palace Embankment, Trinity Bridge, and Trinity Square. The route of the motorcade will be lined with national flags of the Russian Federation and flags of St. Petersburg with mourning ribbons. As the motorcade drives into the Trinity Square the bells of the Peter & Paul Cathedral at Peter & Paul Fortress will start to chime. The chimes will stop as the coffin of Nicholas II is carried into the cathedral.
The doors of the cathedral will stay open, guarded by sentries. Podiums for nine coffins will have been set up inside. As the Truppe coffin is brought into the cathedral, the honorary guards will be ordered to present arms. At 5:00 P.M. the honorary guard detachment will leave Petrovskaya Square.
Army officers will place the coffins on the podiums one by one. Armed honorary guards wearing traditional headgear will be posted at each podium. The guards at the coffin podiums and cathedral doors will keep their posts till the next day. Guards will be relieved every hour. The burial of the remains of Nicholas II, his family and servants will take place on July 17 at the St. Catherine Annex of the Cathedral of the Holy Saints Peter and Paul. The ceremony will be attended by more than 40 descendants of the Romanovs and their servants from the US, Canada, England, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, France and Uruguay.
More than 1000 journalists from across the globe will attend.
From 11:00 A.M. to noon, the burial ceremony will be accompanied by tolling bells.
At noon sharp, three solitary gun shots will be fired.
The priests will administer the funereal service, whereupon the coffins will be taken to the St. Catherine Annex.
Army officers will remove royal standards from the coffins of the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna and Emperor Nicholas II, and hand the standards over to an undertaker, who will lower them into the grave.
As the coffin of Nicholas II is lowered into its grave, the gun battery will fire a salute of 19 volleys. After the salute, the participants of the ceremony will, to the sounds of religious music, file past the grave, each throwing a pinch of soil into it.
The shared grave will be tiled over.
The funeral procession will leave the Annex.
Honorary guards will stand guard at the cathedral door.
Invitees will attend the funeral banquet at the Alexander III Memorial Hall of the Russian Ethnography Museum.

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