Press Release N7

THE MARBLE PALACE was built between 1768 and 1785 by the architect Rinaldi, who pioneered the use of natural rocks (7 kinds of marble and granite) in the palace.s decoration.
In mid-19th century the palace underwent a radical remodeling under the supervision of A. Bryullov. The palace.s interiors were changed completely while the outer appearance remained the same.
The Marble Palace was initially built for Count Orlov, the favorite courtier of Catherine II. When Orlov died, the palace was inherited by Catherine.s grandson, Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich. The palace was later owned by Konstantin Nikolayevich, the son of Nicholas I. The last owner of the palace was Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich, known to lovers of "Silver Age" poetry under the pen name K.R.
In 1937, the palace was made into a V.I. Lenin museum.
The Marble Palace has been a part of the Russian Museum since 1992.
Designed by A. Rinaldi during the last quarter of the 18th century. Remodeled between 1848 and 1851 under the supervision of A. Bryullov.
Seven kinds of marble and lazurite were used to decorate the hall.
The hall is adorned with bas-reliefs by Shubin, Valli and Kozlovsky.
The hall.s ceiling was decorated by the Italian artist Torelli.

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