Press Release N8

The White Hall of the Marble Palace, which houses the press center, witnessed many events during the Romanov reign. Like many other historical landmarks, the Hall.s interior was changed in line with the new Soviet epoch. It was outfitted with red colors on the walls, a speaking podium, slogans, and other Communist party paraphernalia. The Hall is currently being restored after 70 years of Soviet rule, which deprived the it of its former splendor.
It is not by accident that a room where meetings of party logistics activists were held as recently as 15 years ago, was chosen to serve as the press center of the Burial Ceremony of the Royal Family.s Remains. The White Hall deserves to be the press venue of such an important historical highlight, which symbolizes the reconciliation between Russia.s two hitherto irreconcilable historical epochs. The White Hall is acquiring a new life as the nation enters a new era. When restoration is complete, the White Hall will once again serve as a venue for gala events, signifying the rejuvenation of the Marble Palace.s original aura of solemnity and majesty.

Press-centre of the ceremony reports