Descendants of russian tsars

After weighty decision had been made by the heads of our city administration a press conference took place in Marble palace on July 14. During the Press conference journalists had an opportunity to interview the representatives of the Romanov dynasty who arrived in St.Peterburg to take part in the burial ceremony.
Rostislav Romanov, the closest relative of Nicholas II answered only few questions as he didn`t speak Russian. While Nicholai Romanov speaksthe language of his ancestors perfectly. It is the third time he has been to St.Petersburg and his utterings about the city are full of love and admiration.
He doesn`t already consider our city to be .a window to Europe.. On the contrary, he thinks that for foreigners St.Petersburg is a window to obscure and remote Russia . Descendants of Tsar`s family believe that the ceremony will not look like a carnival. The Romanovs requested the Government to hold the ceremony in a proper and strict way in order to follow the nature ofNicholas`s II family.
Actually, the Romanovs consider the burial to be a right thing to do. .For us - said Nicholai Romanovich,-Itis a recognition of historical facts whether they are positive or not ..To Nicholai Romanov`s opinion .it is a begining of the new history of new Russia..
In the middle of the press conference another descendant of the Russian monarchs whose name is Nikita Nikitovich Romanov entered the hall. It`s the first time he has been to our country. There are 56 representatives of the expanded Romanovs` family coming here altogether. Prince Dmitri Romanovich has already arrived in Yekaterinburg because he has made up his mind to accompany the remains from the very beginning of the route. On arriving in our city each of the honoured guests will see the sights of the ex-capital according to their individual programs. The Romanovs will meet altogether only in case of the most important occasions such as laying wreaths at the Piskariovskoye Memorial Cemetery. Nicolai Romanovich thinks that those members of the Romanovs` family who refused to attend the burial ceremony for different reasons, will regret it later. All the Romanovs believe that now it`s the right time for Russia and the descendants of the Russian monarchs to be united.