The final resting place of the last Emperor of Russia

The preparations for the burial of the tsar`s family and their servants are under way in the museum of the history of St. Petersburg. The final preparations for the upcoming ceremony in Catherine' side chapel of the Peter and Paul Cathedral are about to be over. There is little left to do: workers are to carpet the floor which will be soon changed for metlach tile traditional for the Cathedral.
The remains will be buried in double-tiered sepulcher: four servants will be put in lower tier the Romanovs in upper one. The depth of the sepulcher is 1m 66cm; its length is 2m 70cm. The width is 1 m 70cm.

On July 17 the coffins will be covered with decorative plate made of pine. Soon after the ceremony the plate will be changed for a concrete one on which a wooden sarcopha gus is going to be built.
The museum staff promises that by the end of the year the temperate elements of sarcophagus will have been replaced by caracus white marble ones.
Coffins for the tsar family and their servants have been made by a company called "Bastion". They are made of Caucasian oak with dark polished surface covered with the mixture of wax and turpentine. There are copper plates inside the coffins and a velvet cover with silk white laces outside. A cypress cross ( cypress is a symbol of the Romanovs family) and the model of the sabre fashioned after 1909 will be fixed on the lid of the tsar`s coffin. Coffins of the members of the imperial family are going to be decorated with bronze gilded crosses. There will be silver crosses on the servants ones. Sides of the Romanovs coffins are ornamented with brass plates with engraving and seven double eagles.
With the one exception, the coffins are made strictly according to the historical tradition of funeral of Russian monarchs . It is worth mentioning that as Nicholas II abdicated from the throne of the Russian state a ceremonial saber of the colonel of Preobrazhensky regiment will be fixed on the lid of the coffin instead of the crown.

In the Web sight you can find a full report concerning the upcoming burial of the tsar`s family.