Statement by Governor of Saint-Petersburg Yakovlev V.A.

There are only a few days left before the moment when the remains of the last Russian Emperor and his family will be buried. The murder of the Romanovs which took place 80 years ago in Yekaterinburg became one of those tragic events which completely changed the course of the history and had a great influence on the life of the Royal Houses and peoples all over the world. The question of identification and the burial place have been discussed during the last few years. Unfortunately this delicate subject was taken advantage of for selfish political reasons. Saint-Petersburg had enough dignity not to take part in the political debates on the subject of the burial. I hope that on the 17th of July during the burial ceremony common sense will prevail over the political vanity . When people of different views and religions have enough dignity to honour the memory of the Romanovs` family who met such a violent death, only then we can hope that the era of destruction and violence will come to an end and we`ll meet the new millennium being united and honest. Saint-Petersburg will do its best to hold the ceremony in a proper way. Thanks to the cooperation of the City Administration with Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, TV-6 Moscow, Nevalink, Petropress, Ego Translating, Interpress and the publishing house `Liki Rossii`, Internet users will have an opportunity to get information about the preparations and the burial ceremony on-line ( I hope that the historical and prompt information will enable people to get better acquainted with the history of the Romanovs` family as well as the Russian history. It will also help us to realize the significance of the moment and to be more sympathetic to each other.

Governor of Saint-Petersburg V.A. Yakovlev